Friday, 29 April 2016

MAKNA Cancer Research Award 2015

MAKNA embarked on cancer research in 2001 and has since been active in helping to advance cancer research in Malaysia. MAKNA collaborates with the country’s cancer researchers and physicians to conduct quality research that will generate significant findings towards contributing to new knowledge in combating cancer. One of MAKNA’s research-related programs is the MAKNA Cancer Research Award that was launched in 2001.
This is an annual award by MAKNA to encourage and recognise ground-breaking research and development by Malaysian cancer researchers. In this way, MAKNA hopes to advance knowledge that will help cancer patients and enable discovery of potential cures for the disease.
Award recipients are selected by a distinguished panel, headed by Professor Datin Paduka Dr Khatijah Mohd Yusoff FASc, who is both the Malaysian Academy of Sciences Fellow and Dean at the Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Science, Universiti Putra Malaysia alongside other prominent experts and medical practitioners in the fields of Hematology and Oncology among ASM Fellows.
The MAKNA Cancer Research Award 2015 was recently awarded to three promising young scientists to support them in their research in their respective areas. They were selected from the largest applicant pool for the Award since 2001, with 51 applications in 2015.
The three recipients of the MAKNA Cancer Research Award 2015 were:
• Dr Chua Eng Wee of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, awarded RM30,000 for his research on Mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms and cisplatin responsiveness
• Dr Nethia Mohana Kumaran of Universiti Sains Malaysia, who received RM30,000 in research funding to determine the regulation of STAT3 by Human Papillomavirus strain 16 and 18 in cervical cancer cell lines using the CRISPR/Cas9 system, and
• Dr Nor Fazila Binti Che Mat of Universiti Sains Malaysia, who was presented with RM29,835 towards her research on the therapeutic potential of Oroxylum indicum (beko) leaves extract against E6 and E7 oncogenes expression in human cervical cancer cells.
All three recipients received their accolades at an award ceremony, presented by MAKNA Executive Committee member and Vice Chancellor of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Prof Datin Paduka Dr Aini Ideris who was accompanied by the Academy of Sciences Malaysia President, YBhg Tan Sri Datuk Dr Ahmad Tajuddin Ali FASc and MAKNA General Manager, Farahida Mohd Farid. At the event, award recipients shared some of their research findings and their main objectives for doing research in their chosen topics.
Focusing on research is in line with MAKNA’s mission to mobilise all resources to provide curative, preventative, research and support services to cancer patients and families, high-risk groups and the general public.
Besides the MAKNA Cancer Research Award, MAKNA’s research-related endeavors include collaboration with local universities and research institutes in Malaysia to further knowledge in the field. Cancer research is one area of MAKNA’s numerous and diversified projects geared towards helping cancer patients across the country.

MAKNA Cancer Research Award 2016
(from left) MAKNA General Manager Farahida Mohd Farid, MAKNA Cancer Research Award Recipients Dr Chua Eng Wee, Dr Nethia Mohana Kumaran, Dr Nor Fazila Che Mat, MAKNA Executive Board Member Professor Datin Paduka Dr Aini Ideris, Akademi Sains Malaysia (ASM) President, Tan Sri Datuk Dr Ahmad Tajuddin Ali

MAKNA Cancer Research Award 2016
Award recipients receiving their certificates and mock cheques from MAKNA and ASM delegates

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