Friday, 29 April 2016

MAKNA Home Visit – Eyes and Ears of MAKNA

MAKNA’s Home Visit team is entrusted with the enormous responsibility of following up on all patients on MAKNA’s bursary assistance program. Since it was established, MAKNA has supported over 450,000 cases of cancer patients across the country, and makes it a priority to visit patients in all states including East Malaysia.
The team’s purpose is to ensure patient well-being; to observe their living conditions and most importantly; to develop a better understanding of their lives and backgrounds through direct interaction.
Team members of the Home Visit team are on the road between 10 to 15 days a month, leaving the comfort of their own homes and families to reach out to patients. They traverse all terrains, including rural areas with no proper signage or GPS navigation, at times having to drive along cliffs, take boats and walk miles in secluded areas just to visit patients.
While adventure is all in a day’s work for the team, they are mainly motivated by their best intentions for the patients in their care. It takes a lot out of a person to do what they do and see what they see on a daily basis. The emotional toll can weigh heavily if the Home Visit team is not adequately prepared for the job.
Thanks to their immense contribution, MAKNA is able to ensure that bursary funds are being channeled to the right people and that patient needs are met. The team serves as the eyes and ears of our donors and the public - watching, listening and reporting on how all gifts and donations, no matter how small, bring hope and meaning to patients’ lives.‪#‎MAKNAcancer‬ ‪#‎Cancer‬ ‪#‎HomeVisit‬

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