Wednesday, 31 October 2012

LUDIc: The Battle Against Cancer Just Got An App

LUDIc: The Battle Against Cancer Just Got An App

What started off as a sketch on a white board has now evolved into a potentially life saving app. LUDIc, envisioned by three brilliant individuals from MAKNA and developed by Intelligent App, it aims to take a very interactive approach in the battle against cancer.

LUDIc, is now one of the 700,000 applications available for download at the App store. Available at no cost, LUDIc is made up of 3 vital components namely: Understanding breast cancer, mobile screening locator and the breast self-examination tutorial. Understanding breast cancer covers the anatomy of the breast, symptoms of breast cancer, progression, treatment and also prevention.

With MAKNA’S mobile screening unit now on the road, the locator enables you to check for its location and even set a personal reminder to visit and have your mammogram done. Breast self-examination tutorial is a step by step illustration of how to conduct a self-breast examination, an easy breast cancer prevention routine. 

Keeping in mind that cancer is a battle that can be won through awareness, early detection and the desire to fight, LUDIc provides the tech savvy generation of today the opportunity of being empowered with the necessary tools to raise awareness simultaneously stressing on the importance of early detection and become a force of awareness in your local community or simply between your friends and family.

The term LUDIc originates from the Latin word “Ludas” which carries the meaning “play” or to be “playful”. This interactive application is inspired by breast cancer survivors and is fitted with features that will give you comprehensive knowledge to better understand breast cancer.

Besides Intelligent App, two other parties played a crucial role in the development of this App: The One Academy and Aims. The former handled the creative aspect of the App by designing the outlook of the application and the latter, was responsible for the video streaming in the application.

It is estimated that 1 in 4 Malaysians have a lifetime risk of developing cancer with breast cancer being the most common form of cancer affecting women. The numbers goes to show the importance of early detection and awareness and it is hoped that this application will be a good platform to enable women to be more informed about the tell-tale signs and symptoms of breast cancer and to have the confidence to act on it says Matheus Barrachi, Manager at MAKNA and the person who brought about the idea of LUDIc.

Hasan Alkaff the second ingenious mind involved in the making of this App adds “With no prevention for the No. 1 diagnosed cancer in women, and the second leading cause of cancer deaths, breast exams and mammograms are your best defense; and I believe women should take advantage of all potential life-saving screening tools” 

And what better way to stress on the importance of early detection than a fun yet educational application put together by creative minds of all walks of life who contributed their time and effort to bring this application to life.

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