Thursday, 17 April 2014

Recent Activity: MAKNA’s Exhibition Offerings

One of MAKNA’s commitments to the public is providing information and education on cancer. To this end, an exhibition team was set up by MAKNA and has been focused on this particular objective for the past many years. The team is staffed by personnel with medical or non-medical background who have their own areas of responsibilities and specific duties to attend to the needs of the guests' and visitors' during exhibitions.

MAKNA’s exhibitions incorporate talks by MAKNA’s trained and medically-certified personnel at times. The topics presented usually focus on cancer in general or specific common cancers. Demonstrations of breast self-examinations (BSE) will be included when they are applicable or requested.

Throughout the years, MAKNA has organised a substantial number of exhibitions either on its own or in partnership with companies, government agencies, associations, universities, colleges, schools, and the list goes on. Just about anywhere, the exhibition team has shown they are able to adapt to their surroundings, and ready to apply themselves to bring out the best in their exhibitions. 

Every year, to enhance MAKNA’s exhibition appeal factor, new exhibits have been and will be meticulously sourced from various suppliers. To defray costs of purchasing items, accommodation and travelling expenses and production of education materials, the team has created packages with different set of offerings. Companies can also choose to take up a package and “donate” exhibitions to organisations or communities which they would have the privilege to identify as the beneficiaries of the exhibitions.

Also, in order to offset or reduce the cost in organising exhibitions, our exhibition personnel will also try to raise funds in a variety of ways through these events.

If you are interested to know more about our exhibition programmes or packages, kindly contact En Tarmizi at 03-21629178, ext 163 or email to .

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