Sunday, 18 May 2014

Current Activity: MAKNA Cancer Support Group (MCSG)

MAKNA Cancer Support Group (MCSG) has been around for several years now and is led by Outreach Programme Facilitator, Cik Habiba Abdul Rahman. The support group organises gatherings for cancer patients, survivors, family members who are affected by cancer  to share experiences, thoughts and expertise related to cancer. This gathering happens once in every 2 months at MAKNA’s office.

On 19 April 2014, MAKNA organised another series of the gathering and more than 20 participants showed up. Participants from private organisations and universities also joined the gathering this time.

These gatherings are uplifting affairs, giving positive vibes to attendees. Having an opportunity to pour out one’s bottled emotions, and an outlet to vent away with support given by the group can help the process of recovery, and alleviate the burdened soul. 

This support group also encourages a better bonding among the cancer patients/survivors with their families. It helps the participants understand what exactly someone with cancer goes through and what kind of support they need to battle cancer.

To know more about joining MAKNA’s Cancer Support Group, please contact CiK Habiba at 03-21629178, ext 165.

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