Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Current Activity: Reaching Out to Cancer Patient at UKMMC-MAKNA Cancer Centre

As desperation started to creep in, the mother of a cancer patient undergoing treatment at UKMMC-MAKNA Cancer Centre in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur returned a call to our Patient Outreach Facilitator, Cik Habiba who had called her 12 days earlier to offer help and counselling.
On 4 June 2014, the mother informed Habiba that her son, Bob (not real name), 17 years old, had stopped talking to his father for an entire week and had begun to show signs of increased frailty, reeling from the impact of his 4th chemotherapy treatment..

Habiba then met Bob and his family, bringing along with her Dr. Shadiyah Mohamad, a lecturer, researcher and counsellor at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, and Cik Amylia, a cancer survivor and an employee of MAKNA.

Bob was downright suffering - vomiting and nauseated and did not want to speak to anyone. He had earlier repeatedly lamented to his mother that he did not understand what had gone wrong, and felt that “what he was once was,” was slowly slipping away.

Dr. Shadiyah tried talking to him, but Bob clearly was not in the right frame of mind or mood to entertain guests. However, after an extensive attempts to try get Bob open up, with a lot of patience, and understanding, Bob was gradually won over. Slowly but surely, a smile was visibly crinkling his weary face.

Amylia, a survivor of uterus, rectum and bladder cancer, then spoke calmly to Bob, sharing her experiences the way only a person who comprehends exactly how another cancer sufferer goes through, and asked Bob to be patient and positive.

Bob realising that he was not alone fighting his pain, finally let his guard down and started talking. The chat went on for a while and Bob was seen to more relaxed and felt he could now trust the people in his company. He then said the one thing his family and the rest had been wanting to hear all along - that he was determined more than ever to fight and survive cancer.

To brave Bob, we wish you all the best! Bravo Bob, you have all our support, encouragement and love! We pray for your recovery, keep on trucking and get well soon...

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