Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Blast from the Past: Telekanser 2001

Timeline: March to December 2001 

Telekanser 2001, with the theme “Harapanmu Bersamaku” was a charity drive that was organised by MAKNA with strategic collaboration and support from RTM and Telekom Malaysia to raise funds through telephone pledges.

The programme initially ran for 2 weeks from 20 March 2001 to 1 April 2001 but was later extended till 15 April 2001. Beneficiaries of Telekanser 2001 were MAKNA, Iraqi children with cancer and Persatuan Wartawan Melayu’s members who were suffering from cancer.

During Telekanser 2001, donors called a toll free number 1-800-88-3313 to pledge donations.The assistance provided by the partners included: Daily reporting by RTM of donations’ status on their morning show, Jendela Pagi and sponsorship of all calls made to Telekanser 2001 by Telekom Malaysia. 

The second phase of the campaign was launched on 29 June and closed on 29 December 2001. Telekanser 2001 was a resounding success as it achieved its objective in securing generous amounts of pledges which were eventually made good by the donors. The total collection was later disbursed to cancer patients seeking help from MAKNA according to their needs.

Telekanser 2001 was also capitalised on as a vehicle to spread the message about cancer, its continuous rising trend and also, messages on maintaining a healthy lifestyle

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