Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Mount Kinabalu - Klimb for Kancer 2014

We are 6 employees of MAKNA (National Cancer Council) and will be trekking up Mount Kinabalu on 1st September for a special purpose. We have pledged to raise a sum of RM20,000 to help 25 cancer patients who need chemo ports.

Our group
 is known as “6 Prints” and the members are Vem, Prema, Hanita, Dawn, Mei & Rajibul. Cancer is a very debilitating disease. As the saying goes, “Leave nothing but Footprints, Take nothing but Photographs”, we hope our every footprint uphill & downhill the mountain will only leave deep impressions in the lives of poor cancer patients who will hopefully benefit from our climb.

A chemo port (also known as port) is useful when needles have difficulty getting into patients’ veins. Through a port, chemotherapy medicine is given to a patient and also through this means, blood is drawn. A tube is usually put in (tunnelled) under the skin of the patient’s chest or sometimes in their arm.

A port helps because it is often easier than inserting an intravenous (IV), especially with people that have veins that are difficult to access.

cost of a chemo port is about RM800.
Every little bit of help counts, small contributions will surely snowball into the targeted amount, RM20,000, given time.This amount will give to about 25 patients much relief when receiving chemotherapy.

Time is of the essence, and the clock has started ticking….

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