Monday, 10 November 2014

Current Activity:Periyar’s Stamps

Periyar Rationalist Integrity Movement for Enrichment (PRIME) is an organisation dedicated to promoting 
rationalism, self-confidence and respect based on Thanthai Periyar’s ideologies.

Thantai Periyar was a social activist, politician and businessman, who started the self respect movement. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) described Periyar as "the prophet of the new age, the Socrates of South East Asia, father of the social reform movement and arch enemy of ignorance, superstitions, meaningless customs and base manners."

PRIME is now raising funds for MAKNA, to support our cause in helping poor cancer patients in Malaysia. In conjunction with Thanthai Periyar’s 135th anniversary, PRIME has printed a unique commemorative stamp, which was previously issued by the Indian government in 1972 but is no longer produced. Now, the second edition of the stamp with Thantai Periyar’s picture was issued in Malaysia early this year, launched by the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, YB Datuk M. Saravanan.

PRIME aims to raise RM25,000 though this commemorative stamp. If you are a stamp collector, this is a must for your collection as it is not available elsewhere and will not be reprinted. 

This stamp by PRIME is now available in Malaysia in collaboration with the Malaysian Postal Department. It is an exclusive stamp that can only be purchased from PRIME.

Go to to know more about PRIME or to purchase the stamp, log onto to support their initiative for MAKNA

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