Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Blast from the Past: TESCO-MAKNA Cancer Research Fund for Life

In August 2007, MAKNA embarked on a partnership with Tesco Stores (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. to raise funds for cancer research. Named as “Tesco-MAKNA Cancer Research Fund for Life”, the campaign relied on and used boxes for collecting coins which were placed at cashier counters of Tesco outlets all over the country.

Besides fundraising, to achieve the goal of increasing cancer awareness, MAKNA organised road shows at Tesco outlets and these events consisted of exhibitions, basic screenings, counselling, health talks and stage activities.

By the end of the campaign in 2011, a combined total of RM440, 937.13 had been collected through the campaign and this was later channelled to MAKNA, the beneficiary of the project.

Dato’ Farid (left) and Mr. Azlam congratulating each other on the formalisation of the partnership

During one cheque presentation ceremony, Mr. Azlam said: “The fulfilling of our corporate social responsibility through projects with MAKNA takes a front-seat as we are also very passionate about helping cancer patients who are on the brink of destitution and poverty.  Through a variety of activities, we will continue to work closely with MAKNA to see what else we can do to bring benefit to cancer-stricken patients.”

MAKNA is indeed grateful to Tesco Stores for their contribution and goodwill gesture in spearheading the campaign and making it an overwhelming success. “It is so refreshing when a corporate entity shows so much passion in fulfilling their corporate social responsibility and helping a cause like MAKNA achieve its goal,” said MAKNA.

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