Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Selamat Pagi Malaysia, TV1 Interviews Cancer Survivor and MAKNA on World Cancer Day

In the interview, MAKNA's Senior Volunteer, Mr. Jacob Mathews from Banting, talks about his past harrowing struggles with cancer. The support from his family members provided him hope and courage to fight on till he was able to stand tall again, and put the bad experience behind him.
Mr Jacobs (far left) and the MAKNA Volunteer leaders

In this video, MAKNA Deputy General Manager, Mr. Vemanna Appannah, the other interviewee for the session speaks about World Cancer Day and MAKNA's programmes lined up for the celebration besides its other present and current projects. 

Today, volunteers like Mr. Jacob and others, spend their time, effort and energy providing comfort to patients, encouraging them to stay strong and go for the necessary treatments in order to have a better chance of recovery.  It is common for cancer patients to find it easier to relate to someone who has had cancer before. This helps in the cultivation of a better overall understanding of cancer and how to deal with the disease.

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